This page contains useful information for residents of the Pharr South Community. Keep up with current events by viewing the activities calendars, get your copy of the current POPS Newsletter, and more!

POPS – Property Owners of Pharr South Newsletter

Residents and renters can download or read the most recent editions of the weekly POPS Newsletter by following the link below. Paper copies are also available in the library, but reading the news online saves on photocopies! You can read, download, or print a copy.

Read the current edition of POPS here: POPS-11-30-2022.pdf

Have an announcement you want published? At the top of POPS editions are instructions for submitting material. Email is the preferred method of submitting items.

Activity and Event Calendars 

Select a venue to view scheduled activities and upcoming events. When viewing the calendar you can switch from a month view to a weekly view or an agenda list by selecting your view option in the upper right corner.


Main Hall Calendar – Dances, pickleball, entertainment parties, etc. which use the main hall and/or kitchen.
Activity Center – Darts, art, sewing, quilting, game night, etc.

Special Events – Outdoor events and special activities.
Meeting Media Room – WIFI access, additional library area, meetings. During the summer months card playing.
Card Room A – Numerous card games, occasional meetings.
Card Room B – Board meetings, cribbage, dominoes, knitting and crocheting.
Swimming Pool – Water Exercise, Water Volleyball, and scheduled closures for maintenance.
Pool Hall  – Tournaments.




Association Documents and Forms

Rules, By-Laws, Covenants, Architectural Requests, Medical and Temporary Variance Requests, Budget Funding Requests, and Complaint Forms.
Residents may download these documents and forms by following this link.

Calendar of Town Hall and Board Meetings for 2022 – 2023 (Revised)

All meetings are in the Main Hall, 9:00 AM except January 14 Annual Park Meeting time is *10:00 AM*.

11/02/2022, Wednesday, Board Meeting 
11/16/2022, Wednesday, Town Hall Meeting 
12/03/2022, Saturday, Park Meeting 
12/07/2022, Wednesday, Board Meeting 
01/04/2023, Wednesday, Board Meeting 
01/14/2023, Saturday, *Annual Park Meeting*
02/01/2023, Wednesday, Board Meeting
02/15/2023, Wednesday, Town Hall Meeting
03/01/2023, Wednesday, Board Meeting
03/22/2023, Wednesday, Town Hall Meeting

Your Board of Directors

Listed below are the nine members who are directors of the Property Owners of Pharr South Association. The members, their position, and the year their term in office expires are listed. Elections of board members occur annually at the Association Annual Meeting. To contact a board member directly please call the office for current contact information.

Pharr South Board of Directors

Effective March 24, 2022 the Pharr South Board of Directors is organized as follows:

Fern Ogans, President, term expires 2024

Mike Nolen, Vice President, term expires 2025

Jean Mayberry, Treasurer and Office Manager, term expires 2023

Vacant, Secretary, term expires 2025

Norma Hampton, Special Events Director, term expires 2024, District 2 Director

Deb Lofgren, Buildings Director, term expires 2024, District 1 Director

Nancy Snyder, Activities Director, term expires 2023, District 3 Director

Denise Hansen, Security, term expires 2023, District 4 Director

Nancy Brock, Grounds Director, Pool, Maintenance Director, District 5 Director, term expires 2025

We appreciate and recognize these individuals for their service and to their continuing commitment to our community.

District Representative Areas and Responsibilities

District Representatives are responsible for scheduling regular meetings with the residents in their area. Their job is to provide information and address concerns from their districts. Concerns can be addressed individually or brought before the Board as needed. Districts are numbered 1 to 5 according to the map below.