This page contains current information for residents of the Pharr South Community and the cancellations of events and activities necessitated by the current health crisis in the country, and a recent increase in Covid infections within our park.

IMPORTANT UPDATE TO PHARR SOUTH ACTIVITIES, JANUARY 4, 2021. Recent changes are underlined.

A zoom meeting was held Thursday 10/29/2020 with Pharr Mayor Hernandez, Pharr Chief of Police Andy Harvey, Welcome Home RGV owner Kristi Collier, and representatives from Pharr RV Parks and 55 plus communities. M.J. Johnson, Pharr South Activity Director, and Fern Ogans Pharr South Board Vice President, represented Pharr South at this meeting.

The purpose of this meeting was to ensure Pharr Parks understand the State of Texas, Hidalgo County and City of Pharr Covid-19 rules. This includes wearing masks and keeping a 6-foot distance from others. We must adhere to these rules. Also, outdoor activities of over 10 people must be approved by the city. Contact your Activity Director for guidance.

This will mean several disappointing changes to our activities. We must stop card playing because it is impossible to keep a 6 ft distance. Morning coffee must stop because masks are not worn. Couple dances such as square dances are not permitted. Small activities where masks are worn and the 6-ft distance requirement is met are allowed. The vast majority of responsible parks in the RGV are making similar changes; no holiday dinners, no dances, no flea markets, no craft sales, etc.

Monthly Informational meetings will continue but masks must be worn and seating will adhere to the 6-ft distance rule. Members of the same household may sit closer together. To keep the number of residents smaller, consider having only one family member attend the meeting. We will have hand sanitizer in the hall. Help yourself often! We have purchased sprayers to assist in sanitizing tables and chairs.

Several people have asked if Winter Texans coming to the park from other states or countries need to quarantine for 14 days. There is no Texas mandate for such a quarantine. Please use good judgement if you used public transportation when traveling or if you have been in contact with people who were not careful with their protective measures. If in doubt, limit your contact with others and stay out of park common areas for 14 days. You can, of course, use your home and property, enjoy the sunshine on your patio, and be outdoors as long as you maintain social distancing. These rules do not apply to your own home, where friends may visit based on their own considerations for safety.

We are all high-risk. Take care folks!

To all Pharr South Owners and Renters:

Using the State of Texas Executive Orders, Hidalgo County Orders and CDC guidelines for Covid-19 safety, the Pharr South Board of Directors have developed the following plans for the health and safety of our residents.  These plans are very fluid and may be revised, without notice, depending on the ever-changing rules, guidelines, the level of Covid-19 in the County, when vaccines may become available, and if Covid-19 is present in the park.  We will make every effort to provide as much notice as possible when changes are made.

Because a large percentage of our population is considered “vulnerable” and have a higher risk factor, we take this responsibility very seriously.  We want to have a happy, healthy park that includes safe activities.  This year will not ‘look’ the same as past years, but every effort will be made to have most of the usual activities if they can be held safely.


Residents must wear a mask for all indoor activities and maintain a 6 foot distance from others.

Swimming pool – wearing a mask is optional but you need to keep a 6 foot distance from other swimmers.

The worship services were cancelled for January, 3rd, and more may be cancelled – check POPS for week to week updates.

Weekly Jam Session are cancelled until next season.

Bingo is cancelled until next season.    

Card games and dominoes, where social distancing are not possible are cancelled.

Quilting and other similar craft activities are allowed if using masks and appropriate distancing. We will continue to ask for help from all the Activity Chairs to assist in the planning.

Board meetings will be held in the main hall.  Please remember you need to sign up on the media room bulletin board to get on the agenda.  Park meetings will be held with appropriate distancing.   Again, masks are required.

Dinner events, including  the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, Tuesday pot lucks, Saturday dinners and breakfasts are cancelled. 

Couples dances, including square or round dances as well as social dances are cancelled.

Outdoor activities such as shuffleboard, horseshoes, bike riding, birding, dusk golf cart riding, and outdoor music are allowed.  If you have any ideas we’d love to hear from you.

The recycling program is up and running. We have new “Recycling Engineers” to head up the program. We are collecting Aluminum cans, cardboard, plastics, tin cans, and paper. Glass is no longer being accepted. 

From: The Pharr South Board of Directors

Unsure about what the virus is or how to prevent it visit the Center for Disease Control web site. For information about the COVID-19 virus in Hidalgo County, visit their web site here.